Junior Taekwon-Do

60 Minutes a Lesson

Lessons are 60 minutes long, double that of a 3-5 year old and 15 minutes of a Kids Advanced (5-7). This gives students more time for improving fitness and flexibility earlier in the lesson.

Quality Instructing

Teaching the lessons we have Alex Nardizzi, a former European Champion and 5th degree in Taekwon-Do. Being part of Team England, Alex provides quality instructing to all the students. This is why our students ranked 2nd overall in the British Open competitions despite fewer entries.

5 Lessons Per Week

Unlike other age groups, we offer 5 lessons per week for Juniors. This is because we have more Juniors than any other student, and we want to ensure that classes are not overfilled.

£45 Per Month

Get unlimited training for just £45 a month, which allows you access to any of our Taekwon-Do classes and no booking required. We have around 20 classes per month for students to attend. We also have no joining fees.

Our Junior Taekwon-Do classes are for children aged 7-12 years old. These lessons are designed to teach the children to defend themselves in real life situations, and how to avoid dangerous situations. We focus on improving the student as a person, by teaching ethics and moral behaviour into our Taekwon-Do lessons to avoid them misusing the art.


A grading is a test to pass a student to their next belt. At Croydon Taekwon-Do Academy, we ensure the student has progressed by a respectable amount before allowing them to do their next grading. Unlike many schools which are overly tolerant to imperfect movements and rush students to grade, we make sure that students have learnt everything in their current grade to a high standard. This avoids giving students a false sense of security with their belt, and makes the achievement of passing more meaningful.


Every student is expect to participate in at least one tournament in order to be able to grade past green belt. This is because we believe students should not be afraid to fight, otherwise what they are learning will not apply in a real-life situation where they have to defend themselves. Taekwon-Do Competitions  play a vital role in a students development. Competitions allow students to apply the techniques they have learnt in classes in a friendly bout with fellow students and improve their


During our Taekwon-Do lessons we dedicate a certain amount of time to show students how to apply the techniques we taught in a self-defence situation. The Juniors must know how to defend themselves against potential attackers or bullies, either in the street or in school. This includes learning how to fight against more than one attacker, how to disable an opponent without excessive force, how to handle someone with weapons/knives. Taekwon-Do ultimately is a self-defence and we take it seriously at our Dojang, as we do not want to give students a false sense of security.

Fitness & Flexibility

Our Taekwon-Do lessons focus a lot on fitness, especially in the warm-up. Students go through vigorous exercises for stamina, physical development and strength. This includes a lot of running, leg and upper-body workouts (i.e. squats, lunges, hopping) and resistance training with partners. As Taekwon-Do requires flexibility, we spend a portion of the lesson stretching the students. We encourage stretching at home, and expect students to be able to achieve a full splits within the first year of training.


Our Juniors Taekwon-Do lessons are designed to be fun and engaging to encourage children to come back without being forced. We find it is crucial for a child’s future development to enjoy exercising and associate it with fun at an early age. Our activities include a lot of friendly competitive games amongst students to enjoy. We notice many students who enjoy Taekwon-Do take up a more active life-style in the future, and often continue Taekwon-Do into adulthood.