The competition will take place on Saturday 7th May 2022 at the Croydon Taekwon-Do Academy, 12 Innes Yard (off Whitgift Street), Croydon CR0 1BX. The competition is open to colour belts (Yellow Tags to Black Tags) aged 13 year olds and above. 


Competition schedule:  


Please arrive in time for your registration: 


2.00pm Juniors 13-17 yrs Registration 

2.30pm Juniors 13-17 yrs Competition Start 

4.00pm 18+ yrs Registration 

4.30pm 18+ yrs Competition Start 

6:00pm 18 + Competition Finish 



Entry fee: £15 for any number of events 


Spectator Fees: The cost for spectators is £3.00 for the whole day. Under 5 yrs.- free. 


Protection Equipment Requirements: 


The following equipment is mandatory for all age categories, otherwise competitors will not be able to take part in the sparring event: 


Head Guard, Mouth Guard, Sparring Gloves, Sparring Foot Pads, Groin guard (Male), Shin Guards.  


Failure to turn up to the ring fully equipped in time may result in the competitor being disqualified. 


Pattern Event:   


The pattern event will be separated into 4 grade divisions:  

1) Yellow Tags/Green Tags, 2) Green Belts/Blue Tags, 3) Blue Belts/Red Tags, and 4) Red Belts/Black Tags 


Competitors will perform an optional pattern up to their grade. In the case of a tie, the competitors will be required to do a designated pattern up to their grade, for the tie breaker. 


Sparring Event: 


The sparring events will be separated for male and female with 2 grade divisions: Yellow Tage to Blue Tags (9th Kup to 5th Kup) and Blue Belts to Black Tags (4th Kup to 1st Kup) 


Each bout will last one and a half minutes. Competitors will be separated into weight divisions. Divisions may be amalgamated if there aren’t enough competitors to make up a division. 


Special Technique Event (For Jnrs only): 


This event is for Junior 13-17yrs only. Competitors will perform two special techniques: 

Flying Side kick and Flying High Kick.  


Male & Female will be in separate divisions. 


Power Event (For Adults only) 


This event is for adults only, with a choice of 1 hand technique and 1 foot technique. 


The hand technique can be a choice of: Punch or Knifehand Strike. 

The foot technique can be choice of: Side Kick, Turning Kick or Reverse Turning Kick. 


How to enter: 


Visit to enter online, before 11.59pm Thursday 5th May 2022. 

You must measure and enter your weight accurately, please do not guess your weight. 

Also check you have entered all the details in the form correctly before submitting it. 


Junior 13-17 & Adult Competition Form

Complete the form below to sign up and pay for your competitions

The competition is on the 7th of May 2022. The deadline for the form is 6th of May 2022.